|| Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay ||

Services and Activities


Volunteering devotees perform services at the Mandir with love & devotion for Baba.

  • Worship of Shirdi Sai Baba : Aarti, Abhishek Puja, Sri Sai Satcharita Reading, 108 Pranams & other religious services to worship Baba
  • Bhajans and Sai Naam Sankirtan
  • Baba’s Palki Procession
  • Celebrate religious festivals (including Ram Navami, Guru Poornima, Vijay Dashmi)
  • Distribute Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba a booklet of Baba Sayings and Teachings compiled by the Mandir from various authentic sources (second re-print is now available in the Mandir). Encourage sharing of Devotee Experiences
  • Encourage Devotees to share their understanding and knowledge of Sri Sai Satcharitra
  • Conduct Akhand Parayan of Sri Sai Satcharita with participation of Devotees
  • Encourage cultural performances by children and youth.
  • Provide a venue for devotees and groups to conduct their devotional and ceremonial services
  • Mandir Resource Centre : (a) Sri Sai Satcharita (in various languages) (b) Audio CD’s of Baba’s Aartis and Bhajans (c) Baba’s Lockets (d) Baba’s Keychains (e) Baba’s Pictures. Please check with any volunteer regarding availability of these and other items you require when visiting the Mandir.
  • Baba’s Paduka’s for worship at Devotees own Home.

Proposed Future Activities

  • Specialized programs for seniors
  • Organize trip to Shirdi for devotees
  • Ceremonies for devotee families such as weddings, christening etc.