|| Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay ||

About Us

Salient features of Baba’s organization

  • Objective: Establish and operate a Mandir (Temple) dedicated to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, promote His philosophy and provide services that encourage spiritual development for all.
  • Launch Date: Vijaya Dashami (October 12, 2005)
  • Guiding Principles: Shraddha (firm faith) and Saburi (patience or perseverance)
  • Rituals: Similar to current practices in Shirdi SAI Baba Samadhi Temple, Shirdi, India.
  • Legal Status: Registered not-for-profit, charitable organization (CRA# 83545 2145 RR0001)
  • Source of Income: Donations from devotees and membership subscriptions.
  • Tax-deductible Donations: Donations are tax-exempt, tax receipts will be issued.
  • Membership: Available to those who meet the criteria set and in accordance with Mandir’s eligibility requirements.
  • Operated By: A growing team of dedicated volunteers and devotees.
  • Code of Conduct: To be adhered in all Mandir activities. Please click here to review Code of Conduct for devotees visiting the Mandir.