About us

Salient Features Of Baba’s Organization
  • Objective : Establish and operate a Mandir (Temple) dedicated to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, promote His philosophy and provide services that encourage spiritual development for all.
  • Launch Date : Vijaya Dashami (October 12, 2005)
  • Guiding Principles : Shraddha (firm faith) and Saburi (patience or perseverance)
  • Rituals : Similar to current practices in Shirdi SAI Baba Samadhi Temple, Shirdi, India.
  • Legal Status : Registered not-for-profit, charitable organization (CRA# 83545 2145 RR0001)
  • Source of Income : Donations from devotees and membership subscriptions.
  • Tax-deductible Donations : Donations are tax-exempt, tax receipts will be issued.
  • Membership : Available to those who meet the criteria set and in accordance with Mandir’s eligibility requirements.
  • Operated By : A growing team of dedicated volunteers and devotees.
  • Code of Conduct : To be adhered in all Mandir activities. Please click here to review Code of Conduct for devotees visiting the Mandir.

Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to:
  • Provide a public statement of the Sai Mandir’s values, expectations and standards;
  • Document the guidelines of conduct to be followed by all employees, volunteers, life members and devotees;
  • Assist in identifying potential problems and resolving them in compliance with Sai Mandir’s Code;
  • Promote avoidance of conflicts of interests, including early disclosure to an appropriate person of any transaction or relationship that could give rise to such a conflict;
  • Promote compliance with all applicable government laws, regulations and rules and the By-Laws of Sai Mandir;
  • Promote prompt internal identification and reporting of concerns; and
  • Promote both individual and collective accountability for adherence to the Code.
Please click here to review the Mandir’s Code of Conduct.
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Planning your visit to Baba’s Mandir

Welcome to The Shirdi Sai Mandir.
The following guidelines have been published to enrich your experience and make your visit a pleasant one.
Please maintain sanctity of the Mandir and try to implement Baba’s teachings into your day to day life. To ensure that the Mandir environment is calm and peaceful:
  • Speak in a soft, pleasant manner with others in the Mandir so as not to disturb others.
  • Ensure that your children do not disturb other devotees visiting the Mandir.
  • Switch off your cell phones and refrain from using your cell phone on Mandir premises.
  • Please take as much prasad as you need however do not waste Prasad.
  • After eating Prasad, dispose off garbage in the waste bin and stack used plates / containers / glasses near the garbage bins as directed by volunteers.
  • Do not throw garbage on the Mandir premises or Mandir parking lot.
Some general tips:
  • Take pictures of Baba only for your personal use.
  • When visiting the Mandir, please keep you shoes and jackets on the racks provided.
  • Ensure that you take your own shoes and jackets when departing from the Mandir.
  • Parking is NOT allowed in the Mandir condominium complex.
  • Please park on Baba’s land, which is two minutes away from the Mandir. You are welcome to drop off your family (seniors / pregnant women) and then park on Baba’s land.
  • Do not park on the road leading into the Condo complex, as that is a designated fire route. Your car could be ticketed or towed away.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and ensure that your belongings are secure inside the Mandir and do not leave valuables in your vehicles.Solicitation is not allowed on Mandir premises.
  • The Mandir does not solicit donations through any other organizations or agents. Solicitation is not allowed on Mandir premises.
  • The Mandir is not associated with The Shiridi Sai School or The Shirdi Sai School of Canada.
  • We urge devotees to read one page / chapter of Baba’s Satcharita every day. You will surely experience ongoing peace and happiness, especially during times of distress or difficulties.
The Mandir is conducting a pilot programme to cook Prasad at the Mandir.
  • The objective is to cook healthy and fresh vegetarian food on a daily basis and reduce bought out food from restaurants.
  • Devotees who wish to participate in the Prasad program are requested to donate items like Basmati Rice, Ghee, Wheat, Rava and Dal etc., which can be used to cook Prasad at Baba’s Mandir.
  • Do not bring Prasad in trays without receiving a confirmation from the Prasad Coordinators. Please email your questions to prasad@theshirdisaimandir.ca before bringing any cooked Prasad to Mandir.