|| Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay ||

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2721 Markham Road, Unit 8, Toronto, ON, M1X 1L5 Canada


(647) 444 – 4SAI (4724)


The Board of Directors of The Shirdi Sai Mandir and Cultural Centre believe that communication with devotees is an important part of their service to Baba and encourage devotees to share their views by email to info@theshirdisaimandir.ca. Incoming emails are forwarded to all Directors. Respective commitees will review emails and if deemed appropriate, the chairperson shall provide a response.

The Secretary usually responds on behalf of the Board.

Board of Directors

Vijay BoyinepallyPresident

Surya PolimeraVice-President

Prakash AdavikolanuSecretary

Dhanunjaya Rao YelamarthyTreasurer

Nilesh BhattDirector

Raghu ManjapraDirector

Satyasai RamachandranDirector

Subbrao KorapatyDirector

Suhas GodkhindiDirector


Dawn Flett & Associates, 335 Bayly St W, Ajax, ON L1S 6M2

Mandir Committees

Audit and Accounts

Chair: Dhanunjaya Yelamarthy

Supported by: Nilesh Bhatt


Mandir Bhajan Cooordination

Chair: Vijay Boyinepally

Supported by: Prakash Adavikolanu, Raghu Manjapra


Events and Puja

Chair: Surya Polimera

Supported by: Nilesh Bhatt, Prakash Adavikonalu, Raghu Manjapra, Satyasai Ramachandran


General Administration, Maintenance, Health & Safety

Chair: Subbarao Korapaty

Supported by: Suhas Godkhindi, Surya Polimera


Grievances and Feedback

Chair: Vijay Boyinepally, Prakash Adavikolanu

Supported by: All


Vision Committee 

Supported by: All Directors


Paduka Booking

Chair: Subbarao Korapaty

Supported by: Surya Polimera


Prasad, Food Supplies

Chair: Subbarao Korapaty

Supported by: Raghu Manjapra, Satyasai Ramachandran, Suhas Godkhindi, Surya Polimera


Public Relations/Communications: 

Chair: Prakash Adavikonalu

Supported by: Dhanunjaya Yelamarthy, Surya Polimera, Vijay Boyinepally


Shawl Booking

Chair: Satyasai Ramachandran

Supported by: Surya Polimera


Volunteer Coordination

Chair: Raghu Manjapra

Supported by: Nilesh Bhatt, Subbarao Korapaty, Suhas Godkhindi, Surya Polimera


Employee Coordination: 

Chair: Nilesh Bhatt

Supported by: Dhanunjaya Yelamarthy, Prakash Adavikolanu, Suhas Godkhindi, Vijay Boyinepally


Website Maintenance

Chair: Suhas Godkhindi

Supported by: Prakash Adavikolanu, Vijay Boyinepally