Padukas for Worship at Home

  • We are pleased to announce that in accordance with ancient tradition, devotees can now take Baba’s Padukas from the Mandir for worshipping in their own homes.
  • Baba’s Padukas have been consecrated in Baba’s Samadhi Mandir in Shirdi and are made in shining silver.
  • The purpose of this service is to give Sai Devotees in Canada an opportunity to offer worship and devotional services to Baba in the manner which suits them the most, right in their homes. On occasions such as anniversary, birthday, house warming and other personal milestones, devotees can request Baba’s Padukas to be taken to their home for a short duration. Padukas are usually taken inside (or outside) a devotee’s home with Baba’s toes pointing in the direction of travel. When positioning the Padukas for worship, Baba’s toes should face the devotee.
  • Family members (and neighbours) can get together and offer Abhishek, flowers, aarti, bhajans, perform Sri Sai Satcharita parayan and other devotional services at their home.
  • It is very important that Padukas are worshipped daily and taken good care and returned to the Baba’s Mandir just as they were received. Padukas are to be returned to Baba’s Mandir by the promised return date.
  • Please handle Padukas carefully as they are heavy and ensure that they are not damaged during transportation. Use soft cloth or paper towels moistened with water (no chemicals) to clean Padukas.

Reserving Padukas

To reserve Padukas for worship at your home

Click hereto check for available dates on the Paduka calendar

Send request via email to padukas@theshirdisaimandir.cawith the following information

  • Full name
  • Complete address
  • Home and cell phone number
  • Pick up date
  • Return date


A maximum of 3 Paduka bookings can be made on a day.

Booking requests are considered on first come first serve basis. Please reserve Padukas well in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Contact volunteer coordinators listed below if you need any assistance:

Satya Kolluri

(416) 786-7835

Subbarao Korapaty

(647) 294-0455