The Mandir cooks Prasad in house, no outside food is offered to Baba. The Mandir’s objective is to cook healthy, fresh vegetarian food, on a daily basis and reduce cooked food brought by devotees and sourced from caterers / restaurants. Devotees who wish to participate in the Prasad program are requested to donate items like Basmati Rice, Ghee, Wheat, Rava and Dal etc., which can be used for Prasad preparation in Baba’s Mandir. Please consult the Prasad coordinators listed below or on the Contact Us page before bringing food donations to the Mandir. Contact coordinators listed below if you need any assistance:
Subbarao Korapaty(647) 294-0455
Suhas Godkhindi(416) 894-3628
Surya Polimera(416) 451-0925
Vijay Boyinepally(647) 804-4724

Sponsoring Prasad for devotees

Devotees may sponsor Prasad to devotees at the Mandir to celebrate personal occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones. This is one way of celebrating your special occasions with Sai Bandhus in Toronto. This is also a way to serve Baba by feeding His devotees.
Devotees may book any day of their choice for Prasad sponsorship, to celebrate personal occasions as below:
Morning Prasad after Baba’s Abhishek
Noon Prasad after Madhyan Aarthi
Evening Prasad after Dhoop Aarthi
It is not necessary that the entire cost of Prasad sponsorship has to be taken up by any one devotee. Devotees may donate any amount that they are comfortable with and the Prasad coordinators will do the rest. The Prasad coordinators may either try to find somebody else to join the sponsorship or arrange food as per Mandir’s guidelines.
The following are very popular days for Prasad sponsorship as there are many devotees in the Mandir:
Noon – Madhyan Aarthi Evening – Dhoop Aarthi
Noon – Madhyan Aarthi Evening – Dhoop Aarthi
Noon – Madhyan Aarthi
Monday to Sunday
Morning – Morning Aarthi
Please ensure that you discuss and understand Mandir requirements (Prasad quantity, quality, consumables, etc.) with Prasad coordinators.

Reserving A Date For Prasad Offering

Booking requests are considered on first come first serve basis. Please book well in advance to avoid any disappointment and we shall confirm your booking (usually within 48 hours) and provide you the required information. To sponsor Prasad on any day of your choice, click here to check for available dates on the Prasad calendar.

Send request via email to with the following information
  • Full name
  • Contact phone number
  • Date(s) of your choice